Nearly Naked Feel. Perfect Fit. Safe Ingredients.

Come together with UNION.

Practicing safe sex should never feel like a barrier to connection, so we designed premium vegan condoms to elevate the intimate experience.

Non-toxic and free of risky chemicals UNION are made with simple, trusted ingredients: Natural latex and silicone lube.

Because all bodies are unique - our three tailored sizes provide reliable protection that fits like a second skin.

Imperceptibly thin with our innovative flared head that adds more room and friction where you want it, while enhancing sensation for both partners.

Values matter so our condoms are vegan, sustainable, gluten-free and ethically produced.

Love For UNION


My girlfriend and I love these. I've tried every "plus-sized" on the market and it never really did the trick. These feel like they were made for me.

—Jackson, MA

a perfect fit.

I bought the Snug for my husband and these are his new favorites. It's hard to get excited (pun intended?) about condoms but I love these too. Hip packaging, no chemical smell, and they feel really good.

—Chelsea, UT

Legit extra large

I have tried every large condom I could find but they have all been too small and constricting. UNION MAX is a legit XL condom that isn’t constricting at the base and correctly proportioned at the head.

—Walter, PA

Body-friendly Formula

Made with premium 100%
natural latex and without harmful chemicals. Spermicide-free and virtually odorless, our condoms deliver reliable protection without

Advanced Design

UNION condoms are shaped to fit your body. Made to be less restrictive, our unique flared head provides extra room where you need it, and enhances sensation. Available in STANDARD and MAX True XL© sizes. Our UNION SNUG is a secure, snug-fitting, straight shaft.

More Pleasure

Ultra-Thin and slick, inclusive and intimate, our lubricated condoms are the perfect conduit for intensifying your connection while providing a closer feel.